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BOOK REVIEW: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports (Maximum Ride #3) by James Patterson

Summary: In MAXIMUM RIDE: SAVING THE WORLD AND OTHER EXTREME SPORTS, the time has arrived for Max and her winged "Flock" to face their ultimate enemy and discover their original purpose: to defeat the takeover of "Re-evolution", a sinister experiment to re-engineer a select population into a scientifically superior master race...and to terminate the rest. Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel have always worked together to defeat the forces working against them--but can they save the world when they are torn apart, living in hiding and captivity, halfway across the globe from one another?

Rate: 5 out of 5 stars

My thoughts:
The Maximum Ride series will always be one of my favorites series. Maybe even my favorite. And might I say, since I believe I forgot to before, that Maximum Ride is possibly the coolest name for a main character ever. Just sayin.
I actually had to re-read this book, because I already read it so long ago. Everything was well-written. The plot, the characters, everything. It was so suspenseful. I meant to read only the first part, and ended up finishing it by the end of the day! So much actions, all the time, and yet there are still so many personal aspects that draw in the readers and connect them to the characters. It's like your watching a movie or video game in your mind. The scenes were kick ass and Max and the flock are still incredibly awesome! I won’t spoil anything for you, but I have to say that James Patterson thought a lot of things through. Speaking of the author, there is too much humor here.
Like I just said, I'm totally attached to the characters. In fact, this is the #1 reason I am still reading and enjoying this series. The way the Flock has to fight and work together and survive is inspiring, despite how unrealistic it all is. There are a couple of new characters introduced in this book as well as the return of characters from previous books. New villians - Flyboys - are introduced as Eraser replacements and an evil scientist with an Shwartznegger accent is also introduced in this book. Other recurring characters are Jeb, Ari (who undergoes a dramatic personality chance,) Max's voice (whose identity is revealed,) and Max II from School's Out - Forever makes an appearance. Fang is my favorite. He is just so damn hot. I love his verion of "changing Max's mind". ;)
Everything just intensifys when the Flock splits up. I think that plot-changer definitely provided Patterson with the ammo necessary to do some huge character development. I liked to watch Fang's role become more crucial to the fate of the world (As Max's right-hand man, he is a leader and a role model). Plus, I thought it was important, and funny, for Max to have to swallow her pride and ask for help. It made her seem all the more human. I am such a big FAX (Fang&Max) supporter in this book. And in all of them.
Finally some of the questions that have been bugging the readers since book one are answered in book three. The results didn't really surprise me, but I appreciated them nonetheless. It was this "wrapping-up" effect that made Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports really great!
This book is great for reader that enjoy action with a dash of comedy and a bit of romance. Tis book is worth the read.


“What I said yesterday didn't mean anything! I love everyone in the flock! Plus, it was the Valium talking!"
"Uh-huh. You just keep telling yourself that. You looove me."
Max: (tries to punch him)
"Pick a tree. I'll go carve our initials in it."
Max: (screams and runs into bathroom)”
James Patterson, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

“Tell me again what we're doing here," I said, running a continuous scan of our surroundings.
Fang popped some Cracker Jack into his mouth. "We're here to watch manly men do manly things."
I followed Fang's line of sight: He was watching the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, who were not doing manly things, by any stretch of the imagination.”
James Patterson, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

“You don't speak much, do you?" ter Borcht said, circling him slowly.
Fittingly, Fang said nothing.
"Vhy do you let a girl be de leader?" ter Borcht asked, a calculating look in his eye.
"She's the tough one," Fang said.
Dang right, I thought proudly.
"Is dere anysing special about you?" asked ter Borcht. "Anysing vorth saving?"
Fang pretended to think, gazing up at the ceiling. "Besides my fashion sense? I play a mean harmonica.”
James Patterson, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

“Walking over to Iggy, he poked him with his shoe. "Does anysing on you vork properly?"
Iggy rubbed his forehead with one hand. "Well, I have a highly developed sense of irony."
Ter Borcht tsked. "You are a liability to your group. I assume you alvays hold onto someone's shirt, yes? Following dem closely?"
"Only when I'm trying to steal their dessert," Iggy said truthfully.”
James Patterson, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

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