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BOOK REVIEW: Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices #3) by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare Published: March 19th 2013 by Margaret K. McElderry Books
Pages: 564
Danger and betrayal, secrets and enchantment in the breathtaking conclusion to the Infernal Devices trilogy.

Tessa Gray should be happy - aren't all brides happy? Yet as she prepares for her wedding, a net of shadows begins to tighten around the Shadowhunters of the London Institute. A new demon appears, one linked by blood and secrecy to Mortmain, the man who plans to use his army of pitiless automatons, the Infernal Devices, to destroy the Shadowhunters. Mortmain needs only one last item to complete his plan. He needs Tessa. And Jem and Will, the boys who lay equal claim to Tessa's heart, will do anything to save her

Rate: 5 out of 5 stars

My thoughts:
     By the end of the book, I was on my bed, in a fetal position, crying my eyes out! I don't know whether to be happy that everyone wins in the end, or cry, because such a great series has come to a unforgettable and PHENOMENAL end.
     In the final installment to The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare, the big wedding day approaches, and Tessa Gray finds herself not preparing for a wedding day, but instead preparing for battle. Mortmain has gained something that might just lead to his mastermind plan, but he needs one last thing. Tessa. She will do anything to protect the people she loves. Especially Will and Jem- who are both dedicated to keep her safe, as well. But is it all worth it in the end, if the very people she loves end up dieing in the process?
     Like always, I'm gonna start with the amazing characters. Cassandra Clare does such an incredible job at making all her characters so real. All throughout the book, it felt like Tessa, Jem, and Will were actual human beings. Tessa was passionate, and loyal, and brave. She wasn't the strongest or fastest, yet she stood up to those she know WHERE tougher than her, without flinching. And her and Will's way with words made everything seem so magical. Didn't it? Or was that just me?
     I am completely certain that, no matter what team you are on (Team Will or Team Jem) you will be satisfied with the ending of the book. At first, I really didn't like the Epilogue. I thought it was just a ploy from Cassandra Clare, to get everyone happy, and satisfied with the ending of Clockwork Princess. I would have loved it, if the book ended without the Epilogue. But the Epilogue is meant  to indicate that Tessa never stopped loving Jem. That even though she and Will ended up together first, she never really forgot about her feelings toward Jem. Will was her love, yet Jem was her soul mate. Either way, I feel kinda sad, even though Tessa got to be with both, because Now that Jem is mortal, he's gonna start ageing. And sooner or later, he'll be old and dieing (just like will) and Tessa Will be alone, once again. Just the thought of Jem dieing gets my eyes watery! :(
     The plot of the story was great. I expected Tessa's shape shifting ability to be a much bigger part of Mortmains plan, instead of just changing into his father. But the story was really great. I find it amazing, how the bad guys in Cassandra Clare's books are never killed by the main characters! (Example: Valentine being killed by the Angel Raziel, instead of Clary or Jace. Or Mortmain being killed by Ithuriel, the angel.)
     Quick Question: Is Ithuriel, the angel inside Tessa's necklace, not the angel that was trapped in the cellar of the Wayland Manor House by Valentine?
     Around halfway through the book, everything started getting so epic, and sad, and i could not stop crying. I remember sitting on my bed, reading this book, with bawling my eyes out. My step dad them walked in and said "You need to stop reading so much. Just look at you, crying over a book. I'm pretty sure this kind of this isn't healthy for you!" I would cry while reading the book, then get way too emotional, and have to put the book down, just to cry some more.
And I'd have to avoid reading this book at school, to prevent an awkward moment in front of my fellow classmates.
     This book was just one big awesome, yet emotional roller coaster ride. it was just so great. I would recommend this book to everyone in the world, if I wasn't way too lazy. One thing is for sure. I will NEVER forget any of the characters. Charlotte, Henry, Jessamine, Will, Jem, Tessa, Sofie, Gideon, Gabriel, and Cecily will forever be in my heart. Am I forgetting anyone? Magnus Bane maybe? Well, Magnus's story still hasn't ended, has it? (City of Heavenly Fire anyone?)


“Life is a book and there are a thousand pages I have not yet read.”
Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess

“A very magnanimous statement, Gideon,” said Magnus.
“I’m Gabriel.”
Magnus waved a hand. “All Lightwoods look the same to me.”
Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess

“And to the devil with it if she is!" said the Consul. "One girl, who is not Nephilim, is not, cannot, be our priority."

"She is my priority!" Will shouted.”
Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess

“You don't think I can fight." Tessa said, drawing back and matching his silvery gaze with her own. "Because I'm a girl."
"I don't think you can fight because you're wearing a wedding dress", said Jem. "For what it's worth, I don't think Will could fight in that dress either."
"Perhaps not," said Will, who had ears like a Bat's. "But I would make a radiant bride.”
Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess

“And now I need you to do for me what I cannot do for myself. For you to be my eyes when I do not have them. For you to be my hands when I cannot use my own. For you to be my heart when mine is done beating.”
Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess



  1. Hi,
    To be honest I had to skim this review because I'm just starting Clockwork Prince and bought Clockwork Princess yesterday (so no spoilers). But I did see that you rated it 5/5 so I'm hoping that means that it was a great conclusion to the Infernal Devices. Haha, :D glad you enjoyed it.

    1. It was pretty awesome. I tried my best to keep spoilers out, but I had to add a few, because I wouldn't have been able to explain the book very well. SORRY! I hope you enjoy the books!

  2. Love your review. I really need to start reading this one but I still have book 2 to finish first, I wish I could read books as faster lol, my review pile is growing too fast.

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