Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lets's Talk: Finals and what not..!

So.......I don't know if you've noticed, but I haven't been posting many reviews lately. I have a pretty good excuse, though. And that excuse is......(drumroll)....
Screw this, I'm done! 
You might not know this, but I'm still in highschool. (blah) And as usual, every year we have finals. WHICH SUCH. But the thing is, this year, Pennsylvania (my home) started these state tests, called The Keystone Tests. (Pennsylvaina: Keystone State....Hense the Keystone Testing..Get it? No?) So this end of school year has been REALLY stressful. WE have Keystones for Math, English, and Biology. PLUS the finals.
Screaming Pewdiepie
Honestly, these tests suck. And I have had NO time to read, or post reviews. Which kinda explains why you havent seen much posts.WHICH SUCKS. I HAVE NEW BOOKS I NEED TO READ! (twitch)
But I promise to keep posting the WAITING ON WEDNESDAY'S & STACKING THE SHELVES and all that good stuff. I will take some time from studying for all you guys. (WoW's and StS's are really fast to make.) The Great thing is, we only have a couple days left of school. The last day of school is on June 8!
So I'll actually be able to review after that! Until then, I'll try my best to at least post one or two things each week!
Thanks , and I hope you like the gifs! :D


  1. Same thing happened with me and College finals. It's so beautiful one it's over sigh... lol. Can't stop watching the kid slipping on milk. What's that movie where the Gone girl is kicking that other girl in jail?

    1. That's from the movie "Jennifer's Body". And I also thought the boy with the milk was HILARIOUS!!