Sunday, February 3, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Blood-Kissed Sky (Darkness Before Dawn #2) by J.A. London

There's nowhere left to hide.

I thought vampires were our enemies - they controlled our lives, isolated our cities, and demanded our blood - until I met Victor. With Victor taking over as the new Lord Valentine, things were supposed to get better. Instead, they're worse than ever.

Day Walkers, a new breed of vampires who can walk in the sun, are terrorizing the city. Blood supplies are low, and if Victor's vampires don't get enough, they will become infected with the Thirst - a disease that will turn them into mindless killers.

To stop it, I must journey across the desolate wasteland to the very place where the sickness began. I can only hope that the answers that await me are enough to save us all... before it's too late.

Rate: 4 out of 5 stars

My thoughts:
     Blood-kissed Sky starts off shortly after the ending of Darkness Before Dawn, which was great, because I really don't like it when the sequel to a book is way off in the future. It confuses my little brain! Blood-Kissed Sky was a suspenseful follow-up to the amazing Darkness Before Dawn. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire novel, and London threw many surprises at me.
     In the second book, victor has become the new lord Valentine. Dawn thinks that this change will help, but it's gotten worse then ever.There’s a lot going on within the city. People are refusing to give blood, “The Thirst” is becoming more of a threat, and everyone is realizing there are a lot more Day Walkers than anticipated. Dawn must travel to L.A. to learn more about the Day Walkers and about Sin. But things become even more crazy, once she arrives.       Dawn is a great main character. She really grew alot in this installment. She learned  how to stand on her own against anything the world, or vampires, have to throw at her! (Considering that Victor isn't there to protect her in this book)
     Michael really irritated me in the beginning. I kept thinking "You're ruining Victor and Dawn's relationship!!" throughout the whole first book, and in the beginning of the second, but he started growing on me, a little around the middle of the second book.
     Teagan, on the other hand, really got on my nerves! I don't know why, but I just don't like her. She was always causing problems, and I often wished she was gone form the story altogether. 
     The thing I loved the most, though, was how we got to know more about Faith and Richard. I just find them so interesting! And cute!
     I would have loved it if Victor was in this book more often, but that just didn't happen. My wishes were not granted. And this part kinda annoyed me, because I wanted Victor and Dawn's relationship to grow more.
     The plot was intense and action-packed. London kept me guessing the whole time. I figured a some things out right away, but not everything. Just enough that I felt like I knew what was going on. Basically, I was pulled into a false sense of security,and then thrown in a whirlwind of shocking bits of information. IT WAS CRAZY! :)
     In the end we are left with a cliffhanger, which usually gets on my nerves, but in this case, it didn't. Why? Well, the book had a teaser, of the first chapter of the next book. this got me really excited for the next book.
     Overall, I'd recommend this novel to anyone who loves dystopian and/or vampire novels. It's a bit dark and gritty, but you might get used to it after a while!

PS: the formatting is off in some of the books! Pages 186-220 were out of order. It made it REALLY hard to read that part of the novel. I recommend checking to make sure those pages are in order before your purchase this book. The pages where still numbered, though, so I was able to read through it. it was just really annoying and inconvenient.

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  1. I am crazy with this book. at first i wasnt but as i went deeper in the story its really makes me wanna finish all the chapter from book one to after book one, i couldnt find book 2 to i have to look up for a short or brief summary of it and this page summarize the whole sequence of the story and im sad cause mainly the whole book 2 summarize the two new couple Richard and Faith, but i wanted the story to focus more on Victor and Dawn........
    pls more update if their is book 3 and book 4.. thank you